Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Nanyin Workshop

On 24th of March 2012, a group of French visitors came to Siong Leng Musical Association for a Nanyin & Liyuan Opera workshop. They were greeted with a short performance and a demonstration of the “sibao”. After which they were given each a ‘sibao’ to try out.

'Sibao' try out session

Next was the demonstrations on the different Liyuan Opera’s props particular the use of the horse whips and the water sleeves. The visitors were also invited to have a try on the props.

Lin Shao Ling Laoshi demonstrating the use of the horse whips

water sleeves

Note: Sibao are four flat pieces of wood where two are held in each palm and one could use them to clap or vibrate as well as for hitting each other to produce the different rhythms.

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