Friday, May 4, 2012

Melodies from the Temple Courtyard

On 29 April, 2012, the Stone Lion Nanyin Ensemble performed in the Esplanade under the Sacred Music series. With supporting members from Siong Leng, the performance featured the use of Nanyin music in the Buddhist and Taoist rituals.

They were age-old traditions of China and on this day, a near-full capacity audience had the opportunity to observe the enactment of the rituals in the cool hall of the Esplanade.

Some of the younger members of Siong Leng were being trained by members of this Ensemble in China. On this day, they had a chance to show off what they had learnt. In the opening number, three young members from Siong Leng (in their 20s) playing with an almost 90 year old Nanyin member of the Stone Lion City Ensemble. With Mr. Wu Yan Zao playing the Erxian with Lyn on the Pipa, Cassandra on the Sanxian and MingXian on the Dongxiao, the music was ageless.

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