Monday, March 11, 2013

Nanyin at the Library@Esplanade

On 3 Feb 13, as part of the Singapore Nanyin Exhibition at the Library@ Esplanade, held from 27Jan13 to 3Mar13, organised by the Singapore Traditional Southern Fujian Music Society 新加坡传统南音社, in collaboration with Siong Leng Musical Association 湘灵音乐社, Singapore Sheng Hong Arts Institute 新加坡城隍艺术学院, Tong Bee Sia 同美社南乐组, Amoy Association 厦门公会南乐组,  and Youth Improvement Association 青年促进社南乐组,  Siong Leng conducted a workshop with performance.

The location at the Library@Esplanade is an ideal place where visitors to the Library could get to listen to the presentation by the youth members of Siong Leng, explaining on this ancient music that spans some 2000 years, since the Tang Dynasty. There was also an introduction to the main instruments that have been used unchanged over the millennium. And naturally the music.

With the young being exposed to different music, especially in multicultural Singapore with a cosmopolitan mix, the youth members also performed a fusion, experimenting interaction with music of other traditions.

There was a good turn out for the performance, including these two kids who were enthralled by the music.

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