Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cicada Zen plays to full house

For the youthful performers for this show, it was hard work. weekdays and weekends were spent perfecting the moves, the sounds and the songs. The hard work paid off when they performed to a full house for each and every one of the three shows.

All these, thanks to the Nanyin and music enthusiasts and fans. Many came with different expectations. Some for the Nanyin music that they are familiar with, some for a new experience, some curious to know where the Soul Journey II will lead to. They were not disappointed. There were a number of elements of surprises, evolution of art and the arts. But there was also enough familiarity for all to be comfortable with.

Experiences with the five senses have always been central to the theme of Siong Leng's programmes. And for this show, it was no different. The audience was treated to tea of the four seasons when they passed through the ticketing gate. But not before they cleanse their hands with cool water served by the pretty girls dressed with a touch of the ancient. Of surprise and delight to many must be the tea of winter, served cold.

The Dong-Xiao must have been the master of the show, leading and guiding the performances. It waxed lyrically through ancient and modern, and inter-playing with the sitar and the tabla. A contact and interaction that must have started millenniums ago, and still does today.

It was delightful to see the faces of enjoyment from the audience and the radiant faces as the performers lined up to give their final bowl. Till the next journey, it was a pleasant and delightful one.

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