Friday, November 18, 2011

ASEAN Fair: Bali

Open to the public from October 24th to November 23rd the ASEAN Fair was themed “Hello ASEAN”. It strives to promote ASEAN culture and dialogue through cultural exchanges during the fair. It was co-organized by the Indonesian Foreign Ministry and the Economic Affairs Coordinating Ministry, with activities such as music festivals, culinary expos, and youth forums touching on topics such as exchanging knowledge in innovative industries amongst ASEAN countries.

Siong Leng was chosen as one of two representing arts groups from Singapore to perform at the ASEAN Fair. Below are the songs we showcased.

1) 风打梨

A light-hearted and festive nanyin piece.
Musicians: Lin Shaoling, Cassandra Wang, Seow Ming Xian, Chelsea Tan, Andrew Wong, Wang Biyu, Lyn Lee, Hong Ruwang, Seow Ming Fong

2) 感怀

Written by the late Ding Ma Cheng and composed by Zhou Sheng Xiang, “Emotions” is a new generation nanyin piece. Written to express his grievances against the ugly phenomenon in the world as well as his positive, optimistic outlook on life.

Vocalists: Wang Biyu, Lin Shaoling
Musicians: Seow Ming Fong, Cassandra Wang, Seow Ming Xian, Chelsea Tan

3) 乐舞 (神韵)

Also known as 四静板 we incorporated a dance to combine both music and dance into an auditory and visual delight, evoking the charms of a bygone era.

Dancer: Hong Ruwang

Musicians: Cassandra Wang, Seow Ming Fong, Seow Ming Xian, Joel Chia

4) 萧曲(忆)

An expression of mixed emotions. Of continuously missing a person, and a dreamlike fantasy of resentment feelings.

Musicians: Seow Ming Xian, Seow Ming Fong, Joel Chia, Lyn Lee, Cassandra Wang

5) 雅击《四宝》

Graceful Percussion: An intriguing fusion piece showcasing the nanyin Sibao.

Musicians: Wang Biyu, Hong Ruwang, Lin Shaoling, Andrew Wong, Seow Ming Fong, Joel Chia, Seow Ming Xian, Lyn Lee, Cassandra Wang, Chelsea Tan

6) 奏谱《八骏马》

More commonly known as it is one of the four famous nanyin scores. Depicting the majestic postures of galloping horses.

Musicians: Lyn Lee, Seow Ming Fong, Seow Ming Xian, Chelsea Tan, Joel Chia

It was a wonderful experience performing next to the beach, the lush greenery all around, several rustic looking barns, and tents with many booths set up for the guests. This trip to Bali has shown us many beautiful sights and sceneries.

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Hi, there's a typo. It should be 走马.