Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sekinchan - Kuala Lumpur. Day 3 (Part 1)


Breakfast at Sekinchan's temple for the last time. We were going to embark on a two hour bus journey to KL where the Malaysian International Nanyin Concert was to be held.

Farewell Sekinchan

Good day KL

Straight to 天福宫 we went. Rehearsals were set to begin after lunch, so the organizers distributed food and drinks to everyone simultaneously trying to instill the importance of cleanliness at the venue.

First up, hotel. After the long bus journey under the scorching KL sun, dropping by the hotel to freshen up before the concert was very welcome.

Whilst everybody was bustling around the hotel doing their own things, we had other things on our itinerary: Celebrating Ding 社长‘s birthday, as well as a pre-farewell tea with our teacher- 蔡维镖老师 (Cai Wei Biao) and his lovely wife.

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