Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nanyin Performance at Thian Hock Keng on 23 Mar 11 2M19 二月十九

From a long tradition of honouring Guan Yin in Thian Hock Keng, three times a year, Siong Leng Musical Association performs on the three festival days, namely, in Chinese Lunar Calendar, 2M19, 6M19 and 9M19.

The first performance for this new lunar year, Siong Leng added some innovations into the show. A piano was added to add in new sounds to the traditional music. For the song dedicated to Singapore, two girls no older than 8 years old sang the "Garden of the East" 东方花园. A song composed by the late Mr. Teng Mah Seng 丁马成 in 1982 praising Singapore's meritocracy, stability, peace and racial harmony, the meaning of the song is now passed on to the younger generation.

This performance, also known as Teng Mah Seng Nanyin Concert III, is part of a series of concerts performed in memory of Mr. Teng who composed a couple of hundred of new Nanyin pieces, which have been internationally recognised. This year, 2011, also marks the 70th Anniversary of Siong Leng Musical Association.

Here is a video clip, recorded live from Thian Hock Keng on 23 Mar 2011. This song entitled "An Unforgettable Song" 一曲难忘 was written by Mr. Teng Mah Seng in 1981, a creative adaptation of the pop song "An Unforgettable Song" most notably of the classical parts on "everlasting love" and "unforgettable".

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